Veterinary analyses

Other analyzes are possible on request. Don’t hesitate to contact us on +352 780 290 291 or +32 (0) 4 228 02 01.

Preanalytic guidelines (FR)
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Veterinary Analyses
Occult blood (stool)  A-B_SGFEC
Material: Feaces
Method: modified Guaiac method according to Greegor
External service: *
Preanalytics: 14 days at room temperature
Indication: Detection and follow-up of occult blood in feaces
Veterinary Analyses
Oest. stimulation test (T0-T1)  Profile  A-TESTOEST
Synonyms: Estradiol
Material: Serum
Method: ECLIA
Preanalytics: 12 hours at 20-25 °C
2 days at 2-8 °C
6 months at (-20) °C
Indication: Detection of ovarian tissue (ovarian remanence, ...)
-basal sampling T0
-injection of 200-300 IU HCG/animal IV
-sampling after 90 minutes
Individual analyses:
Oestradiol … and 3 more analyses
Veterinary Analyses
Oestradiol  A-OEST
Material: Serum
Method: RIA
2 times per week
External service: *
Preanalytics: 3 days at 15-25°C
7 days at 2-8°C
2 months at -20°C
Indication: Evaluation of the estradiol level
* Subcontracted analyses are not part of the accreditation scope of Laboratoires Réunis.