Veterinary laboratory - One health

A "one health" commitment because the health of your animals affects your health 

As partners in veterinary diagnostics, we are also concerned about public health because the health of your animals is also your health.

We routinely carry out PCR screenings of various zoonotic pathogens potentially contagious to humans, such as skin or enteric pathogens.

We offer regular information in the form of brochures to educate owners about preventive measures.

A new concept: antibiotics in color! Laboratoires Réunis is committed in the fight against antimicrobial resistance and helps veterinarians to ensure responsible and prudent use of antibiotics.

Veterinary contact

A dynamic and multilingual veterinary team at your service

A dynamic and multilingual veterinary team at your service

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Laboratoires Réunis
Veterinary analyses
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Monday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm
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 Dr. med. vet. Carole Meersschaert
 Dr. med. vet. Fabienne Linden

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(+32) (0)4 228 01 01

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 12 am

Veterinary laboratory

A luxembourgish veterinary laboratory

A luxembourgish veterinary laboratory

We offer our services throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

We offer a full range of veterinary analyses. The analyses on our request form have been carefully selected by our veterinarians because of their high diagnostic value.

The results are available the same day on our website, as well as by e-mail, phone or post (on request). We systematically communicate all pathological results by phone.

An innovative diagnostic support service based on scientific literature is provided by our veterinary team. On request, we will send you personalised scientific documentation to help you manage your cases according to the principles of evidence-based veterinary medicine.

Our prices are calculated as accurately as possible in order to offer you analyzes with high diagnostic value at an affordable price. We do not apply a minimum fee, only the requested analyzes are counted. Sample collection by our courier service is free of charge.

Veterinary analyses

A full range of veterinary analyzes


Scientific documentation

A personalized scientific documentation service

A personalized scientific documentation service

Aware of the exponential increase in scientific information and the difficulty of staying informed of the latest publications, we offer you a personalized scientific documentation service *.

We organize training courses on access to scientific literature for your clinic or your veterinary group.

We offer a scientific monitoring service: we choose with you scientific journals and together select the conference reports that you wish to consult.

We are part of a continuous training process by offering you an innovative diagnostic support service based on the scientific literature.

Our laboratory supports and participates in the research projects that we initiate or that we receive from various institutions such as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (ULiège) or the LIH (Luxembourg Institute of Health).

We organise conferences with experts in their field of study.

* information on request


Quality, our priority!

Quality, our priority!

Laboratoires Réunis has been operating under quality assurance since 2006 and is accredited for more than 95% of the lab tests performed inhouse.

Our veterinary laboratory is committed to guaranteeing the quality of laboratory analyses and services; it complies with the recommendations of official quality assurance systems.

Eco and solidarity

An ecological and solidarity laboratory

An ecological and solidarity laboratory

Laboratoires Réunis invests to concretize their values, such as respect for people, animals and nature.

We are certified for our environmentally friendly disposal system.

Through our commitment to various NGOs, including "Vétérinaires Sans Frontières - Veterinarians without Borders", we show solidarity with the veterinarians and the population from poorer regions.